Monday, June 2, 2008


I wrote this the other day:

My friend Todd had the back of his iPod engraved with 'I hope this is still cool a year from now.' I hope I have the dedication to keep this up a year from now. I'm leaving for Europe in the fall, so I decided to spend my summer traveling the States, and seeing friends and family.
Before I left NC, I had a pretty wicked time. Here are some photos of the going away festivities.

Margarita cooked me pozole; my favorite. I used to beg her to make it for me every week, so it was a fitting last meal. Sammy and Margarita run a tienda in Carrboro, NC and had Brian, Brooke, Genardo and me over to their home for dinner. (I hope everyone noticed that I correctly used me, instead of I-- kind of a problem I have.)

That night, I went to the Nightlight to see Caltrop play. They're my favorite band from Chapel Hill, so I was happy to see them before I left town. Plus, Andy hung out. See? This was on Wednesday... I don't know if this is actually going away stuff, seeing that it was nearly a week before I left, but whatever. Deal with it.

Thursday is Jan's day off, so I asked her to make me dinner. Brooke, Hitch and I (again!) went over and had drinks with her and Lynn. Jan makes the best collard greens and has a great screened in back porch... she also saves people's lives. As always, the meal was delicious. I should note that Hitch makes really great sandwiches and prefers to be called the King. Oh yeah, Ace hung out too.

Here is another picture from a place I liked to eat in North Carolina. This is at Don Ricardo's house. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, he opens his apartment for people to come in and eat lunch. Just like a restaurant, you are seated at a table in his kitchen where you can see his wife cook your meal. On most days, his two daughters are also helping prepare food. ¡Que delicioso!

Friday night, Brooke and I drove to Richmond and had drinks with Tony and Eva. I met Eva in Boston in 2004. After drinks we went to a really bad party. Then we all fell asleep drinking wine at Tony and Eva's house while watching a movie. In the morning, Brooke and I went for a bike ride.

In the morning, we hung out in Eva and Tony's garden, before going to 821 Cafe for the Hurricane Burger. That's a pound of beef between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Wicked. Afterwards, I took a nap and we all went out to Pocahontas State Park for Tony's birthday party. I'm tired of writing now, but I'll put more photos up later. And, dude, I'm serious: shit got fun.

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