Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going back to Cali

So, it was my last day in Austin. I found a yellow bike and met up with Dusten. We went to Hoa Hoa-- a Chinese place that he and I used to always eat at. They're lunch special is awesome.

Then I just kinda wasted time around town-- Austin really hasn't changed much. This dude still lives here. I ate Thundercloud before meeting up with my mom. We looked at sunglasses and I bought a new hat. Then she dropped me off for my flight.

Dylan and his guy Alex picked me up from LAX. People drive really fast in LA. We played some pool at Footsies, before getting tacos.

Then we went to Big Foot Lodge and met up with Julia, her boyfriend and some other people. Dylan was really amazed by my beard. We went to a bar called Johnny's that Dylan used to live behind, before going back to Alex's and starting to watch Traffic. I fell asleep.

The next day, I was riding Alex's bike and Julia called wanting to meet up by the river. She got a new bike recently. It's really cool. We had to sneak into her boyfriend's house. Then she drove me around LA. We went through Downtown and over to Echo Park, Silver Lake, Las Files or something-- I don't know. Oh, yeah-- we went to a coffee shop where I met Rob's wife Billie. There was some actor guy who was talking to us, but I don't know what his name is. Her, Julia and Rob are all in an art show in a week. Then, when Julia went to work, I met up with Ryan.

Ryan had a bunch of Colt 45s in his fridge, so we drank those before going to eat tacos. We went over to his friend's house, and Dylan brought over some Hpnotiq. Then we went over to another guys house where there were a few people from Chicago. Like Eric-- didn't expect to see him.

Rob was finally going to meet us at the bar, so we headed to the Cha Cha. We got a booth and kicked it there before leaving for the Short Stop. Then I guess we came home and Ryan put on that Stax Records documentary. I got up super early and put all my photos online. That is why you're reading this. Okay, I'm going to go do something. Bye.

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Julia said...

I'm having fun clicking all around your blog! What classic pics of Rob. Hehe. SF?