Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in North Carolina

I left North Carolina for about six weeks, but found myself back there for my birthday. I really didn't take all that many pictures, mainly resting before continuing north. I skipped out on Denver and Chicago and got to Chapel Hill on 24 June. I got some wicked sleep and then went to Durham with Brian and Genardo. Later, we were out on bikes, riding around for Brian's birthday. The next day, I watched some EuroCup and Russian Circles played the Local 506. Erin and Maps & Atlases were also in town, but at a different venue. On Friday, I heped Brian run some errands and people came up to Johnny's. Saturday, I went to a Durham Bulls game. Sunday was my birthday-- I went to Wet 'n Wild in Greensboro. Other than that, I just tried to chill out: Neal's Deli with Jan, North Carolina BBQ and lunch with the King at Sandwhich. On the 3rd, I was up in Richmond, on my way to northern Virginia. I had to stop at Cafe 821 for a hurricane burger. Later, I met up with Tony, Maggie and Murty for a show. For the weekend, I was at a pretty wicked house on the Potomac River. Afterwards, I headed back to Richmond to meet up with Nic, who was in town selling merch for the Lower Class Brats.

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