Monday, September 29, 2008


The ride from Pittsburgh to Toronto was never-ending; 10 hours, I think. We made stops all the way up the eastern side of Lake Erie and went through Buffalo. I've been to Buffalo several times, but didn't know where the Greyhound was going to leave us for our 2 hour layover. Luckily, it was right downtown-- the only area I know. It was 10pm, but the rain had caused a delay in the Buffalo Bisons game, and I was able to catch the second half of it for free. Turns out former Astro Morgan Ensberg plays for them. Afterwards, I took off to Washington Square, a sportsbar that Simon and I went to a couple years ago. The bartendress said they were closing, but started the fryers up when she heard I was from out of town-- definitely the best buffalo wings I've ever had. It was around 3:30am when the bus got into Toronto, and nearly everyone at Antonella's party was passed out, then Gordie showed up. He was in town from Montreal. The next morning, Antonella, her roommate and I grabbed a hot dog and went to a Blue Jays game-- AJ Burnett got a standing ovation and we saw a dude with (at least) 3 Canada tattoos. After the game, I met up with Ben Prus-- I hadn't seen him since 2004. I grabbed lunch with him and his girlfriend and took a nap. Later, Ben made gazpacho. I took a cab to the Opera House to see Municipal Waste open for At the Gates-- the Waste killed it. Tony hooked me up at the door and brought me backstage-- we watched the whole set from the side of the stage. What a wicked night; it was awesome to get to meet those dudes. The next day, I stopped by Ben's work for lunch, shopped in Kensington Market, grabbed some pizza and went to dinner at Fressen with Antonella. That night, I got on a bus and headed to New York for my first time.

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