Monday, September 29, 2008

Eastern Ohio

So, Jimmy picked me up from Pittsburgh and we headed west into eastern Ohio. It was about an hour drive to St. Clairesville, Ohio. We went to Pick's, the bar where David Allen Coe got his start and shot a rack. Jimmy's cousin has a big ranch out there and had asked him to watch it while he was on vacation. No problem. And, Alex came up from Florida too. We rode 4wheelers, shot guns and fed the goats. I was feeling particularly sick from traveling, so it was nice to be in the same place for a few days. We also got to see the local attractions: Jill's strip club and Buffalo Wild Wings-- Spicy Garlic, please. We had breakfast, Jimmy mowed the yard and Alex did laundry-- how domestic. After a couple days of relaxation, we dropped Alex off at the airport in Pittsburgh and I took a long bus ride to Toronto.

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