Monday, September 29, 2008

New York City

Another long bus ride, crossing across the state of New York. I woke up at 6am to the Greyhound colliding with a semi-- nothing serious. The Greyhound dropped us off at the Port Authority, in downtown Manhattan, so the first thing I saw was Renzo Piano's New York Times building. Danielle, an old roommate from Chicago, let me crash at her place on the lower east side, so I dropped my stuff off there. It was the day of the MLB All-Star game, so I went up to the Bronx to see if I could score a ticket. I was prepared to spend $200, but don't think I even heard anything less than 500. And, btw, Yankees fans are true assholes. I met up with Danielle when she got out of work, and we grabbed some NY pizza. She took me out to a couple bars around her place-- I won a 'Best Beard' competition. I met up with Brian the next day and went over to Williamsburg for some food: bagels and guacamole and beers and amazing artichoke pizza from Artichoke Basille's. I met up with Jenna for sushi and then went over to Brooklyn to meet up with Mark and Dan. I had missed seeing Mark in San Francisco, so it was cool to catch him out in New York-- plus he was with some other people I hadn't seen in years. I had an amazing falafel from Oasis before taking the train back to Manhattan with Dan and Capi. On .., I walked to the Bowery to see CBGB's-- it's now a shitty clothing store. For lunch, I ate a falafel and grape leaves at nearby Mamoun's. I wandered around the city before meeting up with Danielle for soul food at Mama's. Later, we went out for drinks with some friends of hers. The next day, I walked through Central Park, ate lunch at the Modern with Alex and toured the Met.
I checked out a few more Renzo Piano buildings: the Morgan Library and the Whitney. I ran into Jory outside the Whitney, and he taught me how to get in for free. I went in with him and his friend for the Buckminster Fuller exhibit, but left early for the Yankee's game. The trip to Yankee Stadium was pretty terrible: no jalapenos for nachos, no ice for sodas, no beer in the bleachers. 2 HRs for A-Rod, Yankees win; big whoop. I also got to see the new stadium under construction. That night, I crashed at Brian's in Williamsburg and caught the early Chinatown bus to DC. The bus wasn't as crazy as I expected, but it was cool to drive through Philly on the way down.

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i brought that lester bangs book with me to europe.