Monday, September 29, 2008

Richmond & Pittsburgh

Nic arranged for me to catch a ride with the Lower Class Brats from Richmond to Pittsburgh. I met up with them all at their show in Richmond. They had an extra day off between the two shows, so we stayed in Richmond for an extra day. This worked out well, because I got to take Nic around and show him the city. We went record shopping and then out to Mojo's with Eva and Tony for dinner. The next morning, we took off for Pittsburgh-- it was a long drive, but I had done it before with Rager. So, Ryan and Dallah met up with us at the show in Pittsburgh. We hung out with some of the dudes from Wednesday Night Heroes and shot some pool, but bounced from the show pretty early. Ryan had just got back from a weekend in Detroit and was pretty wiped out, but Dallah took me to the Brillo Box. Garrett was there-- apparently, I met him four years ago in Boston, but didn't remember it. Carnegie Mellon had its International exhibit-- it was awesome to finally see some of the Barry McGee stuff that I had seen in magazines for years. His Bic pen drawings were my favorite, and the .. cave made of cardboard and packing tape was awesome. I ate at Primanti Brothers-- apparently, it's the quintesential Pittsburgh eatery. Later, Garrett, Dallah, Ryan and I went to the Pirates' game-- the Astros were in town. I have always wanted to see that park; it's wicked. The Astros won-- we celebrated. We kicked it at Garrett and Tommy's apartment before heading out to some club. On Thursday, Garrett, Dallah and I went out to Thai Gourmet for an amazing vegan lunch, and Jimmy came to pick me up to head to eastern Ohio.

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