Saturday, September 27, 2008

San Francisco/Oakland: Best Friends

Phil was a little late meeting me at the bus depot, so I wandered around the city. Luckily, I was close to Pac Bell Park was nearby, so I was able to see where the Giants play. We grabbed some tacos in the Mission district before heading back to Oakland-- Brian Moss was having a party. It was great to see some old faces. Afterwards, we headed back to Phil's place and woke up Lizzie. The next morning, Phil and I went shopping at Whole Foods so that he could cook Lizzie and me breakfast before we headed into the city. We grabbed some beers before taking the BART to Dolores Park. I hadn't been there since November 2004, but every time I go, I have a wicked time. Lizzie took a nap while Phil and I drank beers, played frisbee, drank beers, met a gay porn star, drank beers and talked about cars-- just like an old pair of gal pals. We went out for Indian food and over to a beer garden where I met Davey from Portland. Phil was pretty drunk at this point, so we headed back to Oakland. We were walking down the street when I heard someone yelling at us-- it was Jeremy. He came back to Phil's place for some beers. The next morning, we rode bikes over to Phil's shop to pick up some cash before grabbing lunch. We both got pretty hammered and had to take a nap. Later, Lizzie came with us to get some food in Oakland. That night, Phil and I went back to the Mission and hung out at the Casanova with Diane. After a night of drinking and dancing, Phil and I got a bit lost on the way home. We wandered around for a bit before finding our way. The nexy day, we did a little grocery shopping and relaxing around the house, we grabbed some sushi and ate in the park. Later, we had some beers and missed the Athletics' game-- but, we walked around Oakland for awhile. I booked a flight for Portland the next day-- I needed a break from partying so hard. I think Phil did too. Before leaving, I went back to the mission district to grab lunch.

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