Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seattle, Washington and Camping

I got into Seattle on the afternoon of 15 June. Thom picked me up from the Amtrak station, which is right near Safeco Field, where the Mariners play. I dropped my stuff off at his place, started some laundry, grabbed a much-needed shower and headed out for Thai food. We stopped off at a bar on Capitol Hill for a drink, but ended up crashing pretty early. Thom has been planning a weekend camping trip with some of our friends from Texas who are also Seattle transplants. We got up early to pick up Justin and his 2 long-haired dauchsands before heading to the Bainbridge Ferry. Arthur, Perry and Brad missed the ferry, so we had time to do some shopping. We grabbed lunch before driving up to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. After we set up our tents, Thom, Brad and I went canoeing while waiting for the beer to get cold. Later, we snacked and played cards before Thom made food. The scenery was unbelievable; this was a good break between rushing to different cities. The next day, we packed up and headed back to the city. I met up with my sister, Libby and she took me around the city. We went to a Mariners game, where she told me she was pregnant. I walked her back to her hotel, and we stopped by the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park. The next day, I walked around Seattle, grabbed lunch and saw the Pike Street Market. I had dinner with Libby and Thom before heading to the bus station. To be honest, I didn't think Seattle was going to be that cool of a city, but I actually had a really great time.

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