Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vancouver, BC

Rafael came up from Portland and we took a bus to Vancouver. Out of all the people on the bus, he and I were the only people to get hassled at the border. Rafael was super nervous-- he had never been to Canada before. After 40 minutes of questioning, we made it through. I have two friends up in Vancouver, but Rafael lined up a place for us to stay. Jesse picked us up at 3am and took us to Aaron's house, so we crashed. I woke up to my friend Julia giving me a hug-- her and Aaron live together. Everything in Vancouver was a hassle, from finding the 'most American' cigarettes to getting cash. We grabbed some wicked Indian food before going on some adventures. We grabbed some Tim Horton's and walked some tracks. Walked through the park, hopped some buses and grabbed a great burrito from Budgies. Jesse's girlfriend owns the place, so we kicked it there. Simon met up with us after work and he and I headed back to his place. Simon lives in Kits Beach, so the next day, I hung out there, ate breakfast and watched some EuroCup while he was at work. Afterwards, we saw a Vancouver A's baseball game and grabbed some Chinese food. The next day, I grabbed some wicked vegetarian food from The Naam. We grabbed some Tim Horton's and Simon showed me around the city. We ate dinner at Stepho's, which was probably the best food I ate all summer. We grabbed some Timmy's after dinner and hung out on the beach. The next day, we grabbed breakfast and watched Holland lose in the EuroCup. Later, he got one of his friends to drive us around. We were out at Stanley Park and rode bikes for a bit. We got some really good pizza and headed to Wreck Beach, supposedly it's a really crazy nude beach with pot brownies and mushrooms. But, it was a cloudy day, so it was just full of creepy old men. Later, we grabbed some cheap pitchers at the Cambie and hung out with the locals. I needed more coffee to keep me awake. Apparently, these steam clocks are a big deal-- I saw it. Cool, I guess. The next day we walked around Kits and then hit a greek festival. The next day, I decided to head back to North Carolina before my birthday. I walked around Hastings and Main. I took the bus back to Seattle, and another to Spokane and flew to Oakland to grab my connection to Raleigh-- 24 hours of traveling. I did manage to grab some sushi in Seattle, another drink with Thom and see Phil for 30 minutes in Oakland. I was exhausted when I returned to North Carolina.

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