Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back in Texas

When I went back to Texas, I left my camera in North Carolina-- I got it about 2 weeks later. While in Austin, I basically just bounced back and forth between my parents' house and Graham's. My parents live out in the country now, so it's kind of tough to run back and forth. I basically realized I was totally bored, and sitting in the Texas heat didn't exactly help. I started volunteering at the ARCH, and also got to see a lot of friends and have some fun. Todd, Kevin, Laurelin, John and I went swimming and played bocce ball. My grandma and grandpa came down from St. Joseph, Missouri to visit. Kevin, John and I went to Wings 'n More, probably my favorite wing place, and then up to a Round Rock Express game.
Jacob's been living in Texas for a month and Ryan was coming in town, so Keely and Justin came down from Dallas. Jeremy, Graham and Vi showed up and we all went to a party at Joel's. Justin and I stayed up at Graham, Vi and Mark's-- ate lunch at Hutt's, took a trip to Lake Austin and played dominoes. We went out to some east side bars, saw some old friends and headed to some house parties. It turned into a long night-- Phobia played at the Broke Neck house.
On Labor Day, we swam and went up to the Grand to see Ben play records-- Nic was up there too. Later that week, Graham and I saw the VICE movie, Heavy Metal in Baghdad at the Drafthouse.

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