Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I got to Chicago on 09 September, and took a cab up to Rory and Nicole's. Maggie got in from Richmond earlier that day and we went out to Kuma's Corner-- I had never been there before; wicked burgers. I guess Ross got a new "jacket" since I last saw him-- no one tells me anything anymore. Kriggy, Jo and Annie came out. It had been almost a year since I had been in Chicago-- I didn't know they shut down the Max Gerber showroom-- it was one of the coolest stores in Logan Square. The next day I went to Hot Doug's-- Portuguese Linguica with Smoked Paprika Dijonnaise and Manchego Cheese. I visited some old spots and caught a train down to the White Sox game. I scored a cheap ticket in the tunnel, changing from the Blue to the Red line. White Sox beat the Jays-- Halladay pitched like shit. Later, Damian met up with Rory, Nicole and me at Rainbo-- Doty even showed up. The next morning Nicole and I went up to Victory's Banner for breakfast before my dentist's appointment. Apparently, my wisdom tooth needed to come out immediately-- the day before I flew to England. Bummer. I spent my last night in the States pilled out in Rory's arm chair, eating ooey-gooey gouda mac. The next day, I finished getting my teeth cleaned and walked around Logan Square. I couldn't resist grabbing one last meal before my flight: Harold's Chicken Shack.

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