Wednesday, October 1, 2008


After my dad's birthday, I decided I needed a break from Austin. I hadn't gotten to see Jay, Jason or Ben in a couple of years, so I figured I'd go to Dallas. Keely's got a wicked loft with a margarita spot right downstairs. We took Tiny Tim for a walk and grabbed some tacos while waiting on Jay. Jason and Alec came over and we headed for the hot tub on the roof-- Tim came too. Ben showed up, Tim got wasted and Jay fell asleep. Later, we all went out for sushi. The next day, Jay, Keely and I met Cody and Gina for brunch at the Meridian Room. We dropped Jay off and went to the Rangers' game; they were playing the Red Sox. After the game, we ran the bases, and I caught a ride back to Austin with John and his girlfriend. The next night, Kevin, Jacline and Todd and I went to Matt's El Rancho before playing Big Buck Hunter. Afterwards, Jacline drove us to Palazio-- typical last night in town. The next day, I finished packing, got my computer and grabbed lunch with Graham and Vi before flying to Chicago.

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