Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting settled in Sheffield

That weekend, Joe had some friends in from out of town. Phil is a hardcore kid from Manchester who is really into American music. He's offered to host me for a Manchester United game and show me all the Morrissey/Joy Division sites. And, Troy is from California, studying at the University of Birmingham-- it was cool to hang out with an American for a night. We went to a show and had a pretty cool night. That weekend I just relaxed-- school started the following week and we had really nice weather. I spent Sunday in the Botanical Gardens, reading a book. I spent the next week in lectures and finalizing bank details for my grant, etc. On Friday, Ken dj'd a metal night at the Casbah-- I played a half hour's worth of songs. Hopefully, that's something we do regularly. That night, I ended up at a really bad party out by the Sheffield United stadium. And, on Monday, Maps & Atlases were in town. I spent most of the night drinking beers with Erin before they played. Ken came out and the show was great-- I think I'd only seen them once before.

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owls + oranges said...

you're going to a man u game? i hate you!