Friday, October 31, 2008

Panic on the Streets of Birmingham...

Last Monday, I went to the Fat Cat with Tom, Jaimey and Rebecca for cheap curry. Tom left for The Fest last weekend, but before he left he bought me some Budweiser wing sauce as a joke. It's actually delicious and I put it on everything. The new Christian Slater TV show has started, and is now 3 episodes deep. It's about a day delay after they air before I get them over here-- what an amazing show! On Tuesday, I went to an Architecture lecture and took Alice to a Ugandan music event on campus-- I think she really enjoyed seeing some people from home. I made my 2nd trip to the Chinese buffet near campus-- no crab rangoon, but pretty decent for the money. On Thursday, there was a globalisation lecture on campus with a professor from Princeton that was alright. On Saturday, Nonso, Hennock and I went to the Sheffield United game. The weather was shit, but United won and we got in for free. I'm going again in a couple weeks. After the game, Hennock and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant, but couldn't get seated because of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church was having an event. The city set up a festival downtown, which grew over the week into a Halloween street fest. A lot of people were out, but most of the rides and haunted houses were for kids. On Sunday, Alice had us over for Sunday lunch-- one of the better meals I've had since getting to England (save Chinese buffet, of course). On Monday, I took the train to Birmingham to meet up with Troy. We went out to Stratford upon Avon, which is the small town where Bill Shakespeare was born. It's a real classic English town that was cool to wander around for a bit; saw Shakespeare's grave, fed some ducks... you know, typical Monday. Back in Birmingham, we went to the Old Crown-- a pub that was built 640 years ago. Some of the original timbers are still there; incedible. The next day, I checked out Birmingham University and went into the city. There is an Antony Gormley statue in the City Centre-- I used to live with the sculptor's son in Chicago. It started snowing, so I dipped into the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery for a bit before catching my train back to Sheffield. I stopped off and found a cool pub in Derby. Then, Thursday, Duvel had a beer tasting at one of my favorite pubs around campus-- I got to try a few of their new beers, which were all pretty good. Tonight is Halloween, but not much seems to be going on. The HalfDead meet-up is in Austin tonight; wish I was there. Last time we were all together was in 2005. Tomorrow, I'm headed to Manchester.

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