Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is England

The more I get settled in England, the more I focus on school. However, I'm only in class on Wednesday and Friday, so I have a lot of time to check out the city. The Clash played their first gig ever in Sheffield-- opening for the Sex Pistols. It was at a place called the Boardwalk (formerly the Black Swan) that I stumbled past the other day.
The weather really hasn't been bad, but it is getting colder. Apparently, it will snow, but probably not enough to stick. It really doesn't rain as much as I expected, but I hear it will get worse.
I spend a lot of time with the people on my course-- specifically, Henock and Alice.
I voted last week and sent my ballot back to North Carolina.
I spent last Saturday with Craig and John at the Casbah. Craig met Tracy Ulman and the guy from the Cher movie, The Mask. Corporation has a metal night on Saturday, but it's packed with goth kids-- so I took off early. I found a pretty good frozen pizza here-- not as good as the one's Phil and I used to get at ALDI, but pretty good.
On Wednesday, I grabbed lunch with Hennock-- had my first plate of Bangers & Mash. I also stumbled upon a Big Buck Hunter Pro machine-- who knew they existed in England? On Thursday, I went on a pub crawl with Tom and rode in my first double-decker bus. Then, on Friday, I met John, Ken and Craig out at Trippet's Wine Bar, and took off to The Old House for a pint. We all ended up back at the Casbah, and I helped Ken with his DJ night. Craig and I lost at foosball, but I won (yet another) beer belly contest.
On Saturday, I helped Alice with a few things, before going to the Weston Park Museum with Britt, and we stopped at University Arms for a drink. My German flatmate, Uwe, was having some people over, so our house was clean. I watched part of the ManUnited game at my local pub and then met Tom, Jaimey and Gus at Bungalows & Bears. This is one of my favorite pubs so far in Sheffield. Later, we all went to Corporation.
On Sunday, I had my first Sunday Roast. Craig and I went to the Fat Cat, before heading to The Broomhill Tavern to watch the Sheffield United v. Sheffield Wednesday game-- this is a huge match where the two teams in the city play eachother. Wednesday won.

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my friend is obsessed with Jaffa Cakes. i don't know what the fuck they are, but i guess you should give them a shot sometime.