Saturday, November 8, 2008

Belligerent Ghouls Run Manchester Schools

I went to Manchester last Saturday to meet up with Troy and see Langhorne Slim. I had yet to visit Manchester, so I was excited to get to a bigger city. On the train, I sat next to a dude reading Weed World. I took the train over and hit a Chinese Buffet while I waited on Troy's bus from Birmingham-- possibly the worst Chinese Buffet I've ever eaten. When Troy arrived, we walked around Piccadilly Gardens and through the Northern Quarter. He had been to the city before, so we wandered through the City Centre, figuring our way out to the show. Unfortunately, the show was outside of the city and the tram wrecked into a bus in the middle of town. We gave up on the show, instead meeting up with Dave and embarking on a pub crawl west of town-- ending in Wigan. Dave lives pretty far outside of town, so we crashed at his mom's place. It was cool to see an English home-- and Dave made Troy and me huge plates of food. The next day, we headed back to the city, wandered around and ate food at Mod Pop before I took the train back to Sheffield. When I got back on Sunday, I went to the Fat Cat for Sunday Roast and then over to the Kelham Island Brewery-- turned out to be a long day. On Tuesday night, I stayed out for the elections with Liaquat and Hennock. One of the bars on campus showed the results until 5am. We drank Budweiser to celebrate America's success. Wednesday was Guy Fawkes Night, which I was really looking forward to: bonfires and fireworks; but, shitty weather kind of ruined the party. I ended up watching a Joy Division documentary and then meeting Ken and Craig out at the Nelson and the Casbah. On Thursday, I met up with Tom for a few pints and then went to Sheffield's Documentary Film Festival. I bought a ten doc pass and spent most of the weekend there, seeing some stuff on Mike Tyson, armored car sales in the Middle East and Kurt Cobain. On Friday, I met up with Hennock for some Ethiopian food and saw Return of the War Room.
Today, I saw some films and went over to Tom, Gus and Jaimey's to watch the Arsenal/Man United game. I need to get some school work done because Ken, Craig, Janine and I are going to London on Friday.

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