Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Week

Last Tuesday was beautiful-- Sheffield had its best weather in weeks. I know winter is just around the corner, so I was happy to have some sunshine while not in class. I went for a walk around my neighborhood, and even did a little exploring. This view of the valley north of Sheffield is a two minute walk from my house:There is a great fruits & vegetables place around the corner from my flat, but they have never had good avocados until last week-- 5 for a £. I bought a few things and made guacamole... without cilantro. (Send tortillas!) Later that night, I met up with Tom for drinks at Bia Hoi and we walked to the Pomona to meet his flatmates, Sie and Gus. England's U21 team was playing at Bramall Lane, and Gus scored us tickets for £5 each. England won 2-0; pretty cool to see the young national team play.
Wednesday was a busy day of classes and meetings. At night, I watched the England/Germany game at Tom's. England won 2-1.
On Thursday, I got up early and got coffee with Britt before meeting Craig at the train station. Russian Circles played in Manchester, so I went up to see Mike and Dave. They had been on tour for six weeks; playing anywhere from St. Petersburg to Paris. The last time I saw them was in June in Chapel Hill.I ate a lot of chip curry while in Manchester; too much, I think. We took the late-night bus back to Sheffield and I had classes all day Friday. In the evening, all the Europubhealth students met for dinner. Afterwards, I went home to pack for Saturday's trip to Barcelona.

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