Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's been a really busy week, so I haven't had much time to take pictures.
I spent a lot of last week dealing with my final assignments-- either by worrying or working on
them. But, Monday night I met Craig at the Nelson before heading to see Municipal Waste at Casbah. Tony hooked me up, and the night turned out pretty good-- people over here lose their shit for them. Ken got drunk and enjoyed the Waste's rider-- drinking free booze & sandwiches.
On Tuesday, I got up early to head to Leeds
. First, I stopped at Bramley to check out the Bob Jackson factory. One or two of my friends ride their frames, and I've always wanted one. It's a tiny shop and the 10-year-plus tenured mechanics were almost naive to the company's notoriety in the States. I headed back into Leeds-- cities in England get pretty serious about Christmas. I managed to find one of the few pubs in the city centre that isn't a chain and a really bad Chinese buffet. Part of the reason I made this trip was to pay homage to the Pizza buffet connected to a Curry buffet connected to a Chinese buffet-- sadly it is closed.
Throughout the week, I went to Dan Cruickshank's really bad lecture on architecture (or perhaps, really great lecture on self-promotion), a cool lecture on A&E services, and we lost our 3rd consecutive football match. On Friday, I grabbed a drink and went to see Discharge. I went with Fry,who probably took a lot more pictures than I.
I left Saturday to spend the weekend in London-- I met Tom for beers and watched football in Shoreditch. Ken's band was playing around the corner, but the neighbor shut the show down. Julia, her sister and Tim met up with us and we headed to the Foundry and the Intrepid Fox-- this turned out to be a long night.
On Sunday, Craig, Janine, Ken and I drove back north after pizzas and football. I've spent most of this week trying to wrap up school, but found time to get cultured.
Oh, yeah-- and apparently I was not the only person excited about those avocados!

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