Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in Sheffield

So, I got back from Spain last Tuesday and was pretty wiped out-- I spent the next few days getting back into school and taking care of stuff around town. I started volunteering and helped Craig pick out the new Google phone. On Thursday, I celebrated Thanksgiving at the No. 1 Oriental Buffet-- typical. I organized a 5-a-side football team; we played our first game Thursday night. I didn't do too much on Friday, but one of Tom's friends was DJing at the Harley.On Saturday, I met Tom and his friend Jim for the Sheffield Wednesday-Norwich City game. Jim's from Norwich, so we sat in visitor's seating. The fog came in super thick, and Tom introduced me to my first Bovril-- traditional England. Wednesday won, but it was a real good match.
That night was Stu's birthday-- he's an old friend of Ken's that I met in London a couple weeks ago. John came up from London and we all met at the pub for dinner. We went over to the Washington and then on to Corporation.
On Sunday, I watched the Chelsea-Arsenal match and then gave this African spot another chance. It was okay, but every time I go with someone from Africa, they're not impressed.
This week, I've been studying a lot. Liaquat made Hennock and me Pakistani food. I had some bad sushi and a beer or two.
Oh, and, it is now officially cold.
Last week turned out pretty good. On Thursday, Emmanuel made Indian food and his flatmate made a Colombian dish. Unfortunately, eating well didn't last long-- I found myself at the Devonshire Chippy twice over the course of the weekend.
After our second lost football match in as many weeks, we had a team meeting-- there's always next week. On Friday, I went out to a few pubs with Tom and Jamie. Old House for cheap beers, the Frog & Parrot had good music and Tom caused a blackout at Bungalows & Bears 2nd birthday party. After a mandatory beer at Wetherspoon's, I beat them at foosball while Ken played records at Casbah.
On Saturday, Tom and I wandered the city and watched Match of the Day at a friend's house before going back to my place. On Sunday, we headed to the Peak District. We took the train to Hathersage and wandered around the village-- a lot of proper English countryside pubs, good food and cool things to see. There weren't many businesses in Hathersage, but everything was interesting.

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