Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to Work

So, I really haven't done too much since getting back from Berlin. I took a day or two to chill out and then spent the rest of January in the University's main library. I guess that's not entirely true: I managed to find time to enjoy a burger and some of Wetherspoon's reduced-priced pints with Tom. We also won our football match for the first time-- eighth time is a charm, I guess. I caught a show at the Casbah and went out for Janine's birthday with some friends from London. The next day, we all went to the Fat Cat for Sunday roast. Later in the week, I squeezed in 2 Chinese buffets and a meal with Craig's 2 year old son. And, last night, Sie made a bunch of food and we watched the Super Bowl with Jamie and Gus.
Anyways, my work all culminated when I handed in 140 pages of assignments this morning-- leaving me free of responsibility until lectures begin on the 11th. I was hoping to head up to Scotland and down to London, but we just got a huge snowstorm. Cross-country train service has slowed down and the London Underground quit running for several hours this morning.

Wetherspoon's * Fat Cat * Wokmania * No. 1 Oriental Buffet

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