Thursday, April 16, 2009


i just took the train through the alps; it is beautiful in zurich.
stay tuned for photos of pizza, duomo, etccccccc.

ps. keyboard here is totallty crazy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catching Up

For most of February, I just kind of chilled out and got back into school-- but, I still managed to find a few things to keep busy. We started going to Curry Club pretty regularly; £5 for a pint of beer and a curry-- not bad. Tom's girlfriend was working in London, so he and I took the train to York for Valentine's weekend. We went for a tour of the York Brewery and took the bus out to Tadcaster again, when I finally picked up the bike frame I had been ogling for a couple weeks. We hit a couple Spoons, a Chinese buffet, the Minster and sampled some local delicacies before finally heading back to Sheffield. Craig and I went to Corportation to see Black Dahlia Murder play on the 16th, and I spent the rest of the week hanging out on some of the carnival rides in the center of town.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Before 2nd Semester

So, the last time I actually wrote anything, I had just handed in all my assignments and had over a week before lectures began. The beginning of February saw the continuation of January's bad weather, but I still managed to get out and about.
Brooke's work sent her to Ghana, and conveniently, her layover in England happened right as my week-long break began. Her ancestors are from Sheffield, so in addition to the usual pubs, I also got to show her a bit of her family's history. We went up to York, which in addition to the Abbey, has a couple of really nice Wetherspoon's. Really though, besides a couple weird signs, the Abbey is one of the coolest things I've seen in Europe-- it's massive and overwhelms you in the small city streets of York.
We took a trip out to Tadcaster and checked out the Samuel Smith's brewery-- not much to see besides company offices, but I did find a bike frame that I later went back to buy. Since we were already north, I went with Brooke to visit some family friends in a tiny town called Haltwhistle-- it's pretty much the epitome of what Americans think to be the iconic English town (17th century house, horses and pretty views). We stopped back in Sheffield before heading to London for her flight to the States.
I decided to hang out in London for a bit since I still had a few days before lectures began. As hard as I try, I just can't fall in love that city-- it's just hard to understand. In the day I spent wandering, I got stopped by the police and hit by a car on Brick Lane. Thankfully, American Julia saved me after a roughhh night at Fabric with Swiss Julia and her friends.
After some good food, a couple of bike stores and the British Museum, I was happy to get back to Sheffield for classes... and a beer tasting at the DevCat.


Ah-- it's been over 2 months since I posted on here. At first, it seemed like I wasn't really doing too much once my second semester started. But, then all of the sudden, I realised I had been doing a lot of cool stuff; I just couldn't be bothered to sit down and write about it. Anyways, I just got back from a weekend in Craig's home town, Newcastle and thought I'd put some photos up. We drove up on Saturday and stopped just outside the city to check out the Angel of the North; I had seen it once from the train, but it was cool to see it up close. As I've mentioned before, I have a bit of an interest in Gormley's stuff.
Afterwards, we headed into town and saw a few of the sites. Newcastle was playing Chelsea at home, and former star player Alan Shearer was making his managing debut. Shearer has a bar named after him at the grounds-- outside actually getting a ticket, this was probably the best place to watch the match. Unfortunately, Newcastle lost. We then checked out some of the sites: the Quays, the Tyne Bridge and the Millenium Eye. All pretty cool to see.
We went up to Craig's mum's house for vegan tea before heading out to meet some of his old friends. Turned out to be a pretty good night-- we ended up at a real cool cutty spot called the Star & Shadow. This is the type of venue that every city should have; sadly, I don't think Sheffield does.
Over my 3 week break, I'm hoping to get a few more photos from the past 2 months up, but we'll see how that goes.