Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 Days of Nostalgia

This figures to be a pretty revealing (read: embarrassing) post.
First, I should mention that I have loads of photos from the past month that I'd like to post soon, but I thought I'd put up something a little different while it's still fresh in my mind.
Over the past 3 days, I’ve been able to see some (a lot) of really odd blasts from the past. It all started when I was down in London after Brooke flew back to the US on Sunday. I met up with the Heat for some boozing and then caught up with Gray and Tom. NOFX was in town playing the last date of their tour. I realized that I got my first cassette tape- a dubbed copy of their Punk in Drublic- about 16 years ago. Soon after, they were on the front of my first band t-shirt. I’d seen them years ago, but decided to go see them again with Gray, Tom and Beth.
I got back to Sheffield on Monday, after what was essentially three and a half weeks of traveling. I took a day to unpack and chill out, but then headed to Manchester last night to see Jesse Michaels’ new band: Classics of Love. My first vinyl ever was Operation Ivy’s Energy, and seeing him close the set with “The Crowd” was among the most special things I’ve ever seen at a show.
Probably even more bazaar than any of the “firsts” mentioned above was that Mike Park played support. The first show that I ever went to was sometime in '95 or ’96: Mike Park’s band: Skankin’ Pickle at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, TX.

It’s a little bit of a stretch: but I should also mention that the supporting band, Virgins, covered “She,” the first Misfits song I ever remember hearing—on a DiamondHead Records compilation cassette. And, since Tom decided to stay in Sheffield, Gus and I took advantage of not having a vegetarian around and went to Wetherspoon's Grill Club for the first time in a while.


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