Monday, May 18, 2009

End of February

So, backtracking a ways: February ended pretty great. I did a couple really rad things that were worth mentioning:
- On the 18th, I took the train up to Manchester and met up with Phil. He's from just outside of Manchester and gave me a tour of some key spots. Like Morrissey, he grew up in the suburb of Hulme and went to the same school as Ian Curtis-- right across the street from Curtis's grave. That night, Phil took me to the Manchester United-Fulham match. Glad I got to see Ronaldo and Man U play during a season where they've now gone on to win the league. Old Trafford was pretty amazing and the fans really give it a confident, Yankee-esque atmosphere. I'm not a huge Man U fan, but they're an undeniable dynasty.
- That weekend, Tom and I hit five Wetherspoon's on our way to a Sheffield Wednesday match. The next morning, we caught up with Jamie pretty early-- he and some friends from Manchester had been out all night and were still boozing.
- I finally got to check out the inside of Sheffield's most historic building; the Lord Mayor of Sheffield hosted a dinner and reception at the Town Hall that was pretty cool.
- And, finally, on the last day of the month, Tom and I got to catch a Sheffield FC match-- known as the oldest football club in the world. They're a non-league team that play just outside of town and celebrated their 150th anniversary two years ago. On the way back into town, we stopped by the elusive Wetherspoon's in Woodseats, before meeting up with Beth and some of her friends to hit some local pubs.

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