Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Istanbul & Bangkok

My plan was to go through last spring, pick out some highlights and post some pictures from England and early 2009; however, a lot of people have been asking to see some pictures from my recent trip to Asia. There is a lot to go through, but I'll post a few from my first few days traveling. I have some videos and a couple more-detailed pictures, but this should be a start:

On my way to Bangkok, I arranged a 7 hour layover in Istanbul; figuring this should give me just enough time to run into the city, grab dinner and come back for my late-night flight. I grabbed my visa and took the metro into town. I had read up a bit on Istanbul and had a couple spots that I wanted to check out. On my way to catch the ferry across the Bosphorus, I buzzed through a Turkish Bazaar and grabbed some street food for the ride. On my trip, I met a couple Turkish guys who didn't speak any English. We communicated by them texting Turkish to a friend, who would then reply with the English translation. I would then text English to the friend, and so on...
Anyhow, these guys were stoked on my White Sox hat and were REALLY into Kanye West. They not only took me to some sick traditional Turkish food, but ate with me, bought me mussels on the street and shared some beers.
I caught the ferry back to the other side of town just in time to see the sunset. I saw a few more sites as I figured out a way back to the airport. My flight was delayed, so I had plenty of time to hang around Ataturk Airport.
I arrived in Thailand and spent a day finding a guesthouse, figuring out where everything was and just, in general, realizing that I was on the other side of the world. The next morning, I pushed myself to get out to the Floating Market-- it took a few different public transport buses and then a pretty long coach journey to get out there, but I'm glad I did it. (Sometimes it's hard being an American abroad.)
I checked out a couple places around town and found a rooftop bar that had a pretty cool view of the city. On my last day in town, I checked out the National Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun-- all were pretty cool to see. I went for a walk, sent some postcards and met this little guy while checking out where the train station was located.

Then, the next morning, I headed into Cambodia.


antonella said...

is that a fucking pig or a dog? seriously.

thelastjoshbrown said...

yo bro,
i'm living in sweden for the next year,
get at me and let me know if you're making your way towards the less far east.

thelastjoshbrown said...

no bullshit,

i was in your new home last weekend, it's a three hour train ride from me.

let's party euro style!(i'm pretty sure that means we just wear shiny shirts, listen to disco and have gay sex)