Sunday, September 6, 2009

March 2009

I'm really tired of writing about Tom and watching football-- so, these photos could be a bit monotonous. However, I want to post them, so I can move onto some of the other cool stuff I did this year.
Anyways, March was a pretty good time. The weather started to turn so I spent a lot of time outside, walking around Sheffield. They opened a new bank in Sheffield and had the Premiership trophy on display.
I made a trip up to Manchester, got to experience some more Smiths' nostalgia and spend time with Phil and his girlfirend, Xavia.
The highlight of March was definitely a quick trip I made to Liverpool-- I got to tour Anfield, which was amazing. Football stadiums, even for the biggest teams in England, are pretty bare bones; however, we had access to pretty much any part of the stadium.
Craig and I finally got around to checking out the Sheffield Steelers-- pretty B-rate hockey, but still a good night out.
For (English) Mother's Day, Tom and I went down to Nottingham for some fine dining. In fact, it's the only Hooters in all of England-- the wings are equally as bad.
I went up to Manchester with a bunch of guys because Gray was putting on an all-day show. This was a pretty rad trip-- tons of bands, lots of partying, got to hang out with the Manchester kids and Si's band played their last show. Tom and Gus were partying pretty hard. It seemed only fitting that, on this trip, I would have the best Spoony's Ultimate Chicken Burger ever made.
We got back to Sheffield just in time to spend Sunday relaxing.

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