Friday, January 8, 2010

The Best Week of Graham's Life

So, like I said, Graham met me in Milan. He took a day to sleep off his jet lag before I dragged him to hang out with Camille. This is one of Noah's friends who hooked us up in Milan with a place to stay. We crashed for a night at his place before heading to Prague to click up with Jacline and Kevin.

They were on a European tour of their own and we managed to all be in the Czech Republic at the same time. If there was any part of my summer that was too short, it was this stint in Prague-- we barely scraped the city, only really exploring the awesome streetfood. Oh, and we got fined on the metro too-- rad. I persuaded everyone to join me on a train journey out to Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora-- this is basically a church filled with the bones of 40,000 people. Amazing. After routinely traveling alone, it was nice to be surrounded by close, old friends.

Eventually, Graham and I peeled off and headed to Pardubice (note the Lone Star in that photo- thanks, Kevin!) to check out Obscene Extreme. To say the least, this was a wild journey, filled with some crazy metal heads (this story is much better when Graham tells it) and little direction. We finally gave up on sneaking in and were heading to buy wristbands when Tony drove up. We hopped in the Waste's van and stopped by their hotel before Tony scored us some wristbands. Ace. This was a pretty relaxed night-- the Waste killed it and we hung out with Rick Aistley's sound guy.

We camped with some kids from Leeds, which gave us a pretty nice base between wandering the festival. The second night featured three bands I was stoked to see-- Disfear, Napalm Death and Wolfbrigade. Graham also tried his hand at stage diving when some journalists from Terrorizer magazine convinced him and Kevin Sharp to storm the crowd.

After a long night, we woke up the next day and headed back into Prague. We blew off the rainy day in the city, then headed back to Milan-- Camille and Ania met up with us and took us out for a night on the town. We got pretty accustomed to Italian breakfasts and awesome pizza. Tough life.

Graham and I headed out to Venice to check out the Biennial and retrace a list of spots Brooke had given me from her recent visit. Venice is a pretty city, but awful touristy-- we managed to find our own niche and check out some cutty spots. After his sunburn, Graham finally relaxed a bit once we fell in with the locals.

We headed back to Milan for a couple days filled with nice dinners, relaxation and wanders in the city. We even headed out to Lake Como for a day swimming in a lake, hanging out on a boat and drinking on a mountain. Back in Milan, we spent one of our last days in Italy hanging out with my old roommate Danielle.

I had an awesome time with Graham, and tried to prepare for the tough month ahead. Being on the go for the whole month with no real place to call home was pretty tough. To be honest, it's a feeling that has grown all too familiar the past two years, and one I'm working/hoping on seeing an end to.

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